Burnaby Seniors' Resources Society




Value Statement


Our team of local service providers and community members is an ever-evolving group of honest and compassionate individuals bonded by a deep sense of caring and commitment to helping and working with seniors in Burnaby in any way that we can. Our ethics reflect humility, altruism, trustworthiness and independence. We welcome similarly-minded members of the community looking to make a difference.


Vision Statement


Through the dedicated efforts of government representatives, interested individuals and members of businesses and non-profit groups, we strive to provide seniors’ families and caregivers with a continuum of support through a comprehensive set of resources developed to address seniors’ needs.


Mission Statement


Through our workshops, seniors’ fairs and the innovative use of the internet and social media, we offer information to Burnaby seniors and their families on issues that impact their lives. We accomplish this through the efforts of our members which reflect our commitment to supporting one of our most valuable resources … our elder population.


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